Miscellaneous For Sale

Call New Vienna Metal Works at 563-921-3445 for prices

Plasma Table Components (Keeping Framework as we are updating to newer controller and plasma cutter)

Hypertherm HT2000 with torch and boxes of cables and a few spare parts- was running (cutting parts) day before auction. We haven't reinstalled.

  • Burny 5 Controller with double side servo drives- Boots and is usable. We were not able to communicate through floppy drive, so we are updating. Cuts smooth with torch.
  • Used Tool Box Base Cabinet - Kennedy Brown

Chain Counter

  • Several new in boxes, without chain breakers or chain

Orange Steel Totes

  • About 6 available

Hydraulic Rod Bender

  • No pump or controls
  • Pioneer tips

Soldering Wire

9 Drawer Cabinet

  • stacking 3) 3 drawer cabinets

Small 3 Drawer Storage

21" x 30" x 6'6" 2 Door Gym Locker

12.5" x 74.5" x 71" Gray 5 Shelf Cabinet

Call us at (563) 921-3445 for prices.