Small Square Bale Feeders

Save your back, your bales, and your bucks!

7' Calf Bunk

14 openings, 42" wide, 46" high, 18" sheet bottom, 235 lbs

4' x 10' Hay$aver

18 openings, 48" wide, 52" high, 2' sheet bottom, 385 lbs

  • Rugged, all welded construction ensures quality
  • Feeds chopped, loose, baled hay, or silage
  • Easy to move. Hay stays IN the bunk
  • The V design cattle stalls prevent cattle from pulling out slices of hay by stripping the hay out of their mouth if they back out
  • Small calves cannot climb into the 7' Calf Bunk
  • 16 ga. sheet bottom provides maximum hay savings that won't let hay spill out
  • Finish coated with black enamel
  • Customer designed with over 45 years of experience behind them
  • Those who buy one bunk come back for more!

Custom sizes made to order. Call us at (563) 921-3445.