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PTO & Driveline Work-Center

Ag PTO and Drivelines have been part of our business for New Vienna Metal Works Inc. for 30 plus years. Holding and handling PTO & Driveline components in a vise can sometimes be a challenge and a finger pincher. Aligning the parts in the vise and turning the handle at the same time also creates difficulty. Laying the driveline horizontal and taking some gravity out of the project really helps overcome some problems working with driveshafts. Over a few years of experimentation with different tooling, Gerry Westhoff has developed a “C” frame press using a special hydraulic jack and custom tooling to:

1. Press out bearing caps from yokes,
2. Press out bearing caps from yokes to save the cross and bearing set,
3. Install new cross and bearing kits,
4. Hold PTO halves to remove safety shield.

A table was designed with the “C” frame press mounted to it with tooling to hold and align the PTO Drive-lines while installing new parts. A back panel stores the tooling for easy access. Tooling works with American and Metric agricultural drivelines. A page of useful hints is also in the package.

New Vienna Metal Works Inc is a service center with a large inventory of American and Metric PTO Yokes, Cross Kits, and Shafting from Neapco, Weasler, G&G, and others. Gerry Westhoff has the Work-Centers available through New Vienna Metal Works Inc.