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Walterscheid 2580

2580 Complete Driveline Walterscheid Style
Part Number  A Compressed Length        B Compressed Length  C Tractor QD Collar Yoke Bore D Implement QD Pin Yoke Bore 
DN8-0203        1310mm/51.57" 1556mm/61.26" 1.375 x 6 Spl     1.375 x 6 Spl 
DN8-0204 1310mm/51.57"1556mm/61.26" 1.375 x 21 Spl 1.375 x 6 Spl
DN8-0205 1310mm/51.57" 1556mm/61.26"  1.750 x 20 Spl1.750 x 20 Spl 
Warning: The inner profile tube must engage the outer profie tube 1/2 its overall length at the maximum extended position.
Note: 2580 series is the 80 degree CV designation for Walterscheid 2500 series.

2580 Complete Driveline Walterscheid Style
Part Number  Cross Width       Cap Diameters  
DWS2580CROSS        88.8mm (Dim.A) x 106mm (Dim.B)32mm (Dim.C) x 36mm (Dim.D)

DN56-0200 QD Rebuild Kit available from Benzi.

Rear Half uses 2500 series Yokes and Crosses