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Below is listed the normal stock of the Walterscheid Series 2500 compatible. However, we have the capability to order others as well. Contact us at 563-921-3445.

Cross and Bearing Kit: Outside Lock-Up
Part Number Bearing Diameter Overall Length 
DN3-252136.0mm (1.417")89.0mm (3-1/2")

Tractor Yokes: Pin Type Quick Disconnect
Part Number Bore Length QD Pin Kit 
DN8-25121-3/8"-6 SPL122.0mm (4-13/16")DN56-0040
DN8-25211-3/8"-6 SPL
122.0mm (4-13/16")DN56-0040

Inner Profile Yoke
Part Number Bore Length Use W/ Tube Part Number 
DN8-253051.0mm (2")105.0mm (4-1/8")DN70-2505 

Inner Profile Tube--59" Lengths
Part Number O.D. Use W/ Yoke Part Number
DN70-250551.0mm (2")DN8-2530

Outer Profile Yoke
Part Number Bore Length Use W/ Tube Part  Number
DN8-252061.0mm (2-13/32")105.0mm (4-1/8")DN70-2504

Outer Profile Tube--59" Lengths
Part Number O.D. Wall Thickness Use W/ Yoke Part Number
DN70-250461.0mm (2-13/32")4.5mm (11/64")DN8-2520

Tube Pin
Part Number Diameter Length 
DN50-109010.0mm (13/32")90.0mm (3-1/2")
Note: Fits both inner and outer profile yokes-packaged 10 per box

Implement Yokes
Part Number Bore Length Keyway  Hole Size 
DN8-251134.93mm (1-3/8")105.0mm (4-1/8")3/8"3/8"-16
DN8-251538.1mm (1-1/2")105.0mm (4-1/8")3/8"3/8"-16

Shear Pin Yokes
Part Number Bore Length Drill Thru 
DN8-2525 35.0mm (1-3/8")105.0mm (4-1/8") 1/2" DT 

World Shield Plastic
Part Number Overall Length Bell O.D. 

Shield Bearing
Part Number Bearing I.D. Bearing Width Use W/ Shield Part Number
DN56-2324 2-1/2" 3/16" DW69-2248 

Tractor Yoke: Safety Slide Lock
Part Number Dim. "A" Bore Repair Kit 
DW101-79201-3/4" X 20 Spl.DW13004020 Steel 
DW101-7921 1-3/8" X 21 Spl. DW13004000 Steel 

Ball Shear
Part Number Dim. "A" Bore 
DW104-79201-3/4" X 20 Spl.

2500 Series Shield
Part Number Overall Driveline Length Bearing Kit (2 per kit)
DW902-3560 60" DW961-3525

QD Pin Yoke
Part Number Size 
DWS1287851-1/2 x 23 Spline x QD Pin Yoke

Splined Bar Yoke
Part Number Size 
DWS174039AFits 40mm x 20 Spline (spring pin on)

Part Number Size 
DWS31220936mm x 89mm (1.417 x 3.504)

Splined Slip Sleeve
Part Number Size 
DWS38734940mm x 20 Spline

Splined Shaft
Part Number Size 
DWS38894440mm x 20 Spline 21" long

Tube Yoke
Part Number Size 
DWS3911372.5 x .120 tube

Splined Clamp Yoke
Part Number Size 
DWS3933751-1/2 x 23 (4.5 center to end)

Yoke, 1 1/4" Hex
Interfering Clamp Style Yoke
Part Number Size 
DWS2500-1.25HEXCLAMP 1-1/4" Hex 
DWS2500-1.5HEXCLAMP 1-1/2" Hex 
DWS2500-1.75CLAMP 1-3/4 x 20 Spline 

Call us at (563) 921-3445 to order.