We are an Airgas Stockpoint of Oxygen, Acetylene, CO2, 75/25, Steel Mix, and Argon

Stock Refills Available: 

Acetylene AC3 (WQ)

Acetylene AC4 (WS)

Acetylene B

Acetylene ACMC (MC20)

Argon AR150 (S)  and AR300 (T)

Carbon Dioxide CD50 (50#)

75/25 IMC2520 (R)

75/25 IMC2540 (V)

75/25 IMC2580 (Q)

Nitrogen NI300 (T)

Oxygen OX150 (S)

Oxygen OX200 (K)

Oxygen OX20 (R)

Oxygen OX80 (Q)

Propylene (25#)

Steelmix STE150 (S)

Steelmix STE300 (T)

Stainmix   300 (T)

Safety Data Sheets Available at    Also available on request.