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Below is listed the normal stock of the 44/N44 series. However, we have the capability to order others as well. Contact us at 563-921-3445.

Cross and Bearing Kit: Inside Lock-Up
Part Number Bearing Dia. Lock-Up Dim.Overall Length 

Tractor Yokes: Quick Disconnect
 (Pin Type Q.D.)
Part NumberBoreLengthPin Repair Kit Part Number
DN44-2220 1-3/8"-6 SPL 4-7/8" DN56-1857 
DN44-22011-3/8"-21 SPL4-7/8"DN56-1857

Round Implement Yokes (with Set Screw)
 Part NumberBore Length Keyway/Width Loc
Hole Size    
Loc. Dist. to End 
DN44-24601-7/16"4-1/8"3/8" EAR3/8"-16GAP3/4"
 DW800-4424 1-1/2"   4-1/8" 3/8" Ear 3/8"-16 Ear/Gap 
DN44-26101-5/8"4-1/8"3/8" EAR3/8"-16EAR/GAP7/8"
DN44-28201-3/4"4-1/8"3/8" EAR3/8"-16    EAR/GAP7/8"

Round- Double Keyway Implement Yokes (with Set Screw)
Part Number Bore Length Keyway/Width Loc.Hole Size Loc. Dist. to End 
DN44-2256 1-3/8" 4-1/8" 1/4" EAR
5/16" EAR
3/8"-16 GAP 7/8" 

Clamp Implement Yokes (with Drill Thru)
Part Number Bore Length Hole Size Bolt Fit 
DN44-4475 1-3/4"-20 SPL 5" 41/64" 5/8" 

Shaft Weld Yoke
Part Number Bore Length Use w/ Shaft Part Number 
DN44-21001-5/16" SQ4-1/8" DN73-1313 

Tube Weld Yoke
Part Number Bore Length For Tube For Tube 
DN44-22001-7/8" RD4-7/8"DN70-25002-1/2" x .134(10GA)

Slip Sleeve
Part Number I.D. Length Lube Fitting For Tube Shield Brg. No. 
DN53-2434 1-3/16" 5" YES 2-1/4" X .120(11GA) DN56-2295 
DN53-26431-5/16"5" YES2-1/2" X .134(10GA)----
DN53-2644 1-5/16" 5" YES 2-3/4" x .109(12GA) DN53-2646 

World Shield 
TM Plastic
Part Number Overall Driveline LengthLengthBell O.D. 
DN69-264860" 51" 6-1/8" 
Shield Bearings are not included.  Shield can be cut shorter to fit 36" and 48" drives.

Shield Bearing
Part Number Bearing I.D. Bearing Width Use W/ Shield Part Number 
DN56-0844* 2-5/8"13/32" DN69-2648 
*Two per box

Tractor Yoke: Safety Slide Lock
Part Number Dim. "A" BoreRepair Kit 
DW101-4406 1-3/8" X 6 Spl.DW13004000 Steel
DW101-4420 1-3/4" X 20 Spl.DW13004020 Steel 
DW101-4421 1-3/8" X 21 Spl.DW13004000 Steel 

Tractor Yoke: Ball Shear Device with Safety Slide Lock
Part Number Dim. "A" BoreShear Bolt Repair Kit 
DW104-4406 1-3/8" X 6 Spl. (2) 3/8" X 16 Gr.5 DW13004000 Steel 
DW104-4420 1-3/4" X 20 Spl. (2) 3/8" X 16 Gr. 5 DW13004020 Steel 
DW104-4421 1-3/8" X 21 Spl. (2) 3/8" X 16 Gr. 5 DW13004000 Steel 

Extended Lubrication Cross and Bearing Kit
Part Number Dim. "A" Dim. "B" 
DW201-4400 1-5/16" 4" 
*Snap Ring Located in Bushing

Shaft Weld Yoke with Bearing Groove (Shield must rotate freely on yoke)
Part Number Dim. "B" Bore 
DW302-4400 1-11/16" X 20 Spl. 

Clamp Yoke
Part Number Dim. "A" Bore 
DW807-4421 1-3/4" x 21 Spl. 

44 Series Shield
Part Number Overall Driveline Length
DW902-3560 60" 

44 Series Shield Bearing
Part Number 
*4 per box
**DW920-4400 are old style bearings  

Pin Snap Hitch Repair Kits
Part Number Fits Spline Size Wt.
DG02010306 1-3/8" X 6 .13 lbs. 
DG02010321 1-3/8" X 21 .19 

Nylon Bearing, Thrust Washer and Snap Ring
Part Number

Safety Orange Plastic PTO Guards: Complete Guard Set with Notches
Part Number PTO Dim. L Wt. Lbs. 

Call us at (563) 921-3445 to order.